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Botstiber Institute For Austrian-American Studies 2017-2018 Grants


Purpose of Grant

Grant Amount

Chritian Kravagna

The Art of Liberation: Austrian – African American Relations Between the Wars.


Peter Pirker

Operation Greenup 1945: Transnational Resistance and Liberation in Tyrol.


Jonathan Singerton

“Empires on the Edge” The Habsburg Monarchy and the United States of America in an Age of Revolution, 1763-1815.


Rae Di Cicco

The Kosmos, the Body, and the Other: The Cosmopolitan Imagination of Erika Giovanna Klien.


Joshua Parker

Blüten im Schnee: Austrian Refugees in Manhattan.


Paul Lerner

“Modernism in the Mall: The Austrian Roots of American Consumer Culture”.


Raymond Jonas

King Leopold’s Sister: A Global History of the Mexican Second Empire.


Scott McDowell The Arithmetic of Sovereignty: Ambiguous Citizenship and the Violence of Law in the Lattimer Massacre of 1897.


Martin Nedbal American Archival Materials on the Reception of Mozart’s Operas in Nineteenth- and Early-Twentieth-Century Prague.
Hester Margretter Tourism and Urban Dynamics: Structural Effects of Emerging Tourism in New Orleans (Louisiana) and Innsbruck (Tyrol). $6,565


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