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Dietrich Botstiber’s concern for animal welfare was reflected in his life experiences and in his Indenture of Trust where he authorized the use of funds to prevent cruelty to animals.  To that end, his Foundation works to implement animal welfare programs with the Humane Society of the United States and various animal rescue organizations in Pennsylvania. 


Photo by Justin Gaurav Murgai

I was fully absorbed observing and admiring the variety of life underwater, which makes even the most lush and lively land scenes look deserted and plain. What I found most interesting was the friendliness of the marine world; large sting rays rest unconcerned on the sandy ocean floor and look at you with big eyes; big groupers swim close and, after some time, become outright tame and playful, the various fish, individually or in groups or larger schools go after their business among the corals or around you, as long as you don’t disturb them.

And back on land I never eat grouper, it would be like devouring a friend.

Excerpt from Botstiber’s memoir, Not On The Mayflower.


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